Google Launches 8-bit Google Maps For The NES

“We wish you a safe and happy quest.”

To celebrate another April Fool’s Day, Google announced that they are launching an 8-bit version of Google Maps that is made specifically for the Nintendo Entertainment System. They even made a video walk through of the spoof accessory. According to the video, the Google Maps NES cartridge will be able to connect to the internet trough a dial-up connection.  The map design is modeled after the classic NES role-playing game, Dragon Warrior.

While Google Maps may not really be coming to your old Nintendo system, you can view an 8-bit version of the internet map tool. If you go to Google Maps and select “Quest” in the upper right corner, you will turn the map into an 8-bit version of itself. You can even visit different landmarks on the map, including Easter egg locations like the Loch Ness monster, a dragon, Area 51, and many more. You can even find enemies from Dragon Warrior lurking around.

Landmarks You Can Find

Dragon Warrior Enemies

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