Fraggle Rock Movie In The Works

Down In Fraggle Rock

Jim Henson’s classic TV series Fraggle Rock, is dancing it’s way to the big screen. Jim Byrkit, one of the writers behind Rango, and Alex Manugian, one of the movie’s voice actors, will write the script for the musical puppet movie.

The 80s TV series was one of HBO’s first original series, and was created with the mission of encouraging understanding in people and the embracing of diversity. Three different communities were spotlighted on show: the home of the inventor Doc and his dog Sprocket; the underground world of the Fraggles, who share the caves beneath Doc’s house with the tiny Doozers; and the gigantic Gorgs. Through these different communities Fraggle Rock was to show people how to work together and live in peace.

Fraggle Rock delivered 96 total episodes along with 100 original songs, and they gained a following of millions around the world. The adventures of Red, Gobo, Wembley, Boober, and Uncle Traveling Matt, and all the rest, won three Cable ACE Awards and five International Emmys. HIT Entertainment released the first three seasons of Fraggle Rock in special collectors’ editions after an online petition was signed by over 30,000 fans.


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