Batman Finally Visits Smallville

Dynamic Duo In Smallville

Smallville ran on The WB and then the reformed network The CW for a combined  10 seasons. And during that run fans of the young Clark Kent series clamored to see a young Bruce Wayne pay a visit to Smallville. Unfortunately it never happened, until now.

Bryan Q. Miller, the former writer and executive story editor on the Smallville TV series, is writing a story for the Smallville: Season 11 digital first comic book series from DC Comics that will bring Batman and Nightwing to Metropolis. ChrisCross will be the artist on the story arc titled Detective, which has the caped crusaders following a tip that the person responsible for the death of Bruce’s parents is in Metropolis.

And the surprises don’t stop there. This story brings the fan favorite character Stephanie Brown back to comics, and she’ll be stepping in as Nightwing. In the mainstream DC comics, before the reboot, Stephanie Brown originally took on the alias of The Spoiler. Later she would spend time briefly working with Batman as his new Robin, and then she would take on the mantle of Batgirl in the Batgirl comic book series. Much to the dismay of her loyal fan base, Stephanie Brown has not appeared in a comic since DC’s relaunch of their New 52 universe.

When asked about the upcoming comic book story Miller told CBR, “It’s a buddy cop movie with Bruce and Clark as they go through the adventure. And it gets exponentially bigger and bigger and bigger as we go along through the four issues.” In comparing this story to what they might have done on the TV series he added, “We could not have come close to telling this story on “Smallville.” Maybe, maybe, there is an action sequence that ends the first 30 pages and starts the second 30 that would have probably been the culmination of what we could have afforded to do with the Blur and Batman on “Smallville” at that point, but not the whole thing.”

The Detective storyline will launch it’s 12-week run in the  Smallville: Season 11 digital first series on September 5th. The arc will be composed as 12 digital chapters, 120 print pages, equaling four print issues.

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