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Mobile social gaming platform Mobage held a press conference to reveal its upcoming slate of games, which will include Transformers Battle. The Japanese games platform has over 1000 apps in 150 countries, including the card-based mobile fantasy game Rage of Bahamut. Mobage will be working on Transformers Battle along with game developer ngmoco:).

With Transformers Battle, players will be able to collect a team of Autobot and Decepticon cards to send on in-game missions. Mixing the two factions is allowed. The basic game mechanics from Bahamut will be used for the Transformers game. And it is being said that the game will launch in the fall with over 200 characters from the Transformers G1cartoon series.

 “We’re taking the original G1 cartoon series and we’re putting a modern spin on it while staying true to the original look of each character,” said ngmoco producer Tom Hess.

Each character will have two different cards, one for their robot form and one for their alternate mode. If a player has both cards, they can combine the two into an even more powerful transforming card character. Card games have to have chase cards, so there will be rare legendary Transformer cards  featuring animated backgrounds and characters to try and capture the feeling of having rares like in a physical trading card games. Transformers Battle will feature a unique campaign for both Autobots and Decepticons. And there will be a robust multi-player mode that will offer up to three on three battles between users.

Transformers Battle lands on iOS and Android devices this fall.

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