RIP Joe Kubert

September 18, 1926 – August 12, 2012

I am very sad to see that another comic book legend has passed away. Joe Kubert has passed away today at the age of 85. Born on September 18, 1926 in southeast Poland, his family emigrated to Brooklyn, New York, when he was two months old. He attend Manhattan’s High School of Music and Art, and in 1938 at the age of eleven he received his first paying comics job for $5 per page. Kubert created some amazing work during his career. He is probably most closely associated with his work on Sgt. Rock, a character that he co-created for DC comics, but he also had runs on HawkmanTarzan, as well as work on other books.


Along with his fictional comics, Kubert also created the non-fiction graphic novels, Fax from SarajevoDong Xoai, Vietnam 1965, and his more personal books Jew Gangster and Yossel. Over the years he remained active in comic books by doing occasional projects, creating covers and providing inks for his sons Adam and Andy’s comic book work.

In between creating comics, Kubert opened the Kubert School in Dover, New Jersey in 1976, . The Kubert School was established to train comic book artists, and many comic professionals, including Dave Dorman, Scott Kolins, Rags Morales, Alex Maleev, Rick Veitch, as well as his sons Adam and Andy, have passed through The Kubert School.

Joe Kubert made incredible contributions to comic books through his art, and with the work that he did at his school. He is a true legend. Generations of readers have enjoyed his work. And he helped artists to achieve their dreams. He gave us something that is irreplaceable. He and his work will never be forgotten.

Thank You Joe.

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