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Set Sail For Cursed Pirate Girl

On Dec. 12. Jeremy Bastian’s Cursed Pirate Girl will pull into port at Archaia with a hard cover collection. The hard cover will collect the first three issues of the all-ages, and incredibly detailed, adventures of the cursed pirate girl, along with new material. Bastian designed the hard cover collection with some extras in mind. The collection will have an alternate cover gallery, map of the Omertà seas, and in the back of the book will be a guest gallery following a story that he wrote with a surprise ending. There will also be some extra ills included in the book.

Bastian admits that he wanted to be a comic book artist since he was very young, and there are comic creators that he holds in high regard, however, his work with Cursed Pirate Girl is more influenced by the work of Rackham, Walter Crane, Gustave Doré, as well as others. Looking at Bastian’s work reveals an influence that he says comes from a fascination by the worlds they have brought to life and the almost mystical nature of their work.


And while we wait for the hardcover to arrive, work continues on the next volume of the Cursed Pirate Girl adventures. The first part of the series features artwork that is simply amazing. And Bastian offers that his work on the next part is even more dense with detail and texture. “I set the bar just a little bit higher as far as what I expect out of myself,” he said in a interview with Newsarama. “Now every thing has to be as good or better than that and I love that challenge.” And he promises that the next volume will have even more drama, action and strangeness.

If you’re not getting your fill of Cursed Pirate Girl from the comics, an audio play is in works. Stephanie Leonidas (MirrorMaskDefiance) has been cast as Cursed Pirate Girl, and John C. Reilly (Wrek-It Ralph, Step Brothers), Randy Couture (The Expendables), Jim and Bébé Rose from the Jim Rose Circus, Robert Boulter from BBC’s Casualty, and Grant Morrison and Dave McKean have also been cast in the play. You can get a taste of the audio play by checking out some of the outtakes on youtube.  


And if there wasn’t enough on Bastian’s plate yet, his original Cursed Pirate Girl art will have a gallery showing at the Century Guild gallery in Los Angeles. The showing opened today and will run through December 8th.

I had the please of meeting Jeremy Bastian at the Motor City Comic Convention a few years ago and I became an instant fan. His artwork is beautiful, and the world of the Cursed Pirate Girl is a rich fantasy land full of strange characters, and whimsey. I can’t wait to see what comes next. I highly recommend that you buy the Cursed Pirate Girl hard cover when it comes out, and be on the look out for the next volume of adventures to hit the high seas.

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