Geek Of The Week : Black Science # 3


Welcome To The Onion

“The building block of infiniology. The theory that anything you can imagine exists in some layer of the ever verse.”

In Black Science a team of scientist have created The Pillar, a device capable of fracturing the fabric of reality and allow travel between alternate dimensions. Dr. Grant McKay, with his two young children in tow, leads a team to test The Pillar. And disaster happens.

Black_Science_#3 Black_Science_#3

In making their second trip through dimensions The Pillar has been damaged, leaving everyone stranded in the middle of a war zone on a strange world. A war that puts a weird twist to the history that we know. On this world a World War I era styled German army is being overrun by a Native American invasion. And these Native Americans features super high tech arms and armor.

With Black Science writer Rick Remender is telling a griping story. Scenes of the action packed present increase the tension through out the issue as things become more desperate for the science team. And mixed throughout the issue are flashbacks to before the team launched their mission. Flashbacks that show scheming, backstabbing, and infidelity.

Black_Science_#3 Black_Science_#3 Black_Science_#3

Just as Dr. McKay describes the universe as being an onion, layers of parallel dimensions over layers of parallel dimensions, Remender carries out that theme by adding more layers to the comic. The flashbacks interlaced throughout the issue reveals more about the characters. It adds history, drama, and depth to the characters and their interaction with each other.

Artists Matteo Scalera and Dean White, along with letterer and designer Rus Wooton create an incredible pulp sci-fi world. From showing us this weird world, to the pacing of the story, to the moments between characters, to having expressive characters, the art in Black Science is outstanding.

Black Science is an adrenaline packed, drama filled, reality hopping must read.


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