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Man On The Run

“Care to answer some questions Nate . . . ”

Thomas Ramirez is a gas station attendant on the edge of Passburg, a tiny town near an air force base out in the middle of nowhere. He is quite content with his laid back life of occasional customers, his small apartment, and smoking weed.


That changes when Thomas witnesses the town sheriff and an air force officer showing their true faces, as alien shape-changers. This puts Thomas on the run from the aliens that want to silence him. He his helped out by a stranger named Nate who is working with a group that is trying to stop the aliens. The two are able to evade capture and escape out of town for Mexico, but the aliens aren’t giving up on them.

Writer James Robinson hooks you with the premise and plenty of action in the first two issues The Saviors. In issue 2 Nate offers that he thinks the aliens want to save Earth, but there is a problem with how they plan to do it. That tidbit makes me wonder what Robinson will reveal down the road.

The_Saviors_#2_pg.4 The_Saviors_#2_pg.5 The_Saviors_#2_pg.6

J. Bone creates the art in a cartoon type of style in the vain of a Michael Avon Oeming. The first two issues feature excellent line work, and the comic flows very well panel to panel, and page to page.

The first issue of The Saviors quickly sets the stage and gets the comic off and running. The story combined with the art make issues 1 and 2  quick page turners that have me wanting the next issue.



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