Casting For Fantastic Four Reboot

Cast of the Fantastic Four reboot movie

Fantastic Cast

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox is close to casting Marvels’ first family of super heroes for the reboot Fantastic Four movie. Their sources say that they are looking to Miles Teller for Mr. Fantastic, Kate Mara for Invisible Girl, Michael B. Jordan for the Human Torch, and Jamie Bell for The Thing.

Jordan was announced as the choice for the Human Torch some time ago, something that upset some fans because of the character being changed for the new movie. However, he has a long list of credits and has been nominated for an Indie Spirit for his acclaimed work in Fruitvale Station. And he is again teaming up with director Josh Trank, who also directed Jordan on Chronicle.

The Fantastic Four

Mara also has many credits to her name, and has been building her pedigree even more with roles on American Horror Story and House of Cards.

Teller started becoming more well known with roles in Project X, The Spectacular Now, and 21 & Over, and is now coming off starring in the Sundance hit Whiplash.  His schedule has become increasingly busy as he is emerging as an in-demand actor.

Bell brought life to the title character in The Adventures of Tintin CG animated movie. And he is one of the stars of Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac.

This reboot is in pre-production after Fox had two previous Fantastic Four movies that disappointed in 2005 and 2007. Chris Evans was the highlight as Johnny Storm in the first two movies, and he has gone on to star in blockbuster comic book movies. Michael Chiklis was fine as Ben Grimm/The Thing, but the rest of the cast, Ioan Gruffudd as Reed Richards, and Jessica Alba as Sue Storm/Invisible Girl, took quite a bit of flack for their parts in the movies.

The Fantastic Four reboot is due to launch is on June 19, 2015.

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