Review : Fantastic Four # 1

Fantastic Four #1

The End Of The Fantastic Family

“How were we to know . . . what in hindsight would be so obvious? This day marked the end of happiness. The end of hope. The end of family.”

James Robinson’s Fantastic Four #1 is an ominous opening to the next chapter for Marvel’s first family. The very first page has an image of the Fantastic Four symbol with cracks starting to appear on the edges. Then the story opens with The Invisible Woman writing a journal entry to her children,  Franklin and Valeria. An entry which describes how horribly things will go in the lives of the Fantastic Four. Following this prolouge is a title page that would seem to say it all, The Fall Of The Fantastic Four Part 1.

The main story opens with the Fantastic Four stopping the rampage of Fin Fang Foom. A short scuffle and the FF is able to knock out the dragon who is then carted of by Agent Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. Back at home in the Baxter Building we get a glimpse into the home of life of the Fantastic Four. Sue is distraught over being separated from Valeria, who has gone to Latveria after a falling out with her parents. The situation is causing a rift between Sue and Reed. Although after a comical interruption by Franklin and the rest of the kids of the Future Foundation, Reed and Sue seem to draw closer together again.


Meanwhile, The Thing has gone to see his ex-girlfriend Alicia Masters. The two share a moment together and both say that they want to rekindle their relationship. And while Ben and Alicia are having their late night interlude, Johnny has a meeting with his agent. Aparnatly he is turning rock star and has a tour that wil lbe starting in a few weeks. Johnny being something of  a celebrity has been a part of the character in the past. And he has tried thigns such as acting begfore. But the music career is new and seems to come out of nowhere.

The issue seems like it will end with a quiet night for everyone. However, some creatures escape from a gateway in Reed’s lab, and the monsters burst out of the Baxter building in a fiery explosion.


Fantastic Four #1 is a good starting point for the next chapter of the FF. James Robinson introduces a good jumping on point for readers by showing us what the norm is for the characters and then ends with an exposion of monsters to drive us to the next issue. And I have to say that the narration of Sue’s diary foreshadowing the impending doom of the Fantastic Four has me Hooked to find out what happens next.

Looard Kirk is illustrating a fantastic comic with Karl Kesel on inks, Jesus Aburtov providing colors, and VC’s Clayton Cowles doing the lettering. From the action scenes, to the characters’ quiet moments, the book looks great. But I have to say that I don’t care for the switch to having the characters wearing red and black costumes. I would much rather see the traditional blue color scheme for the Fantastic Four.

Fantastic Four #1 is a a must buy comic book and I can’t wait for the next issue.

4 Kirbys


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