Geek Of The Week : Starlight # 1

Starlight #1

Flash From The Past

“It wouldn’t be paradise without my Joanne.”

Forty years ago Duke McQueen landed on the far off world of Tantalus. His herorics saved the world and made him their champion. And even though they bestowed great honor upon him, he couldn’t stay. He needed to go home to his Joanne.

Now its the one year anniversary of his wife’s passing. Duke has two sons who are too busy to be with him and he is left alone with his memories. Then a space ship uncloaks in his backyard and he is needed again.

Starlight #1 Starlight #1 Starlight #1

Starlight #1 is a pulp sci-fi style comic book with Duke McQueen as hero very much in the mold of Flash Gordon and Buck Rodgers. Glimpses of Duke’s space adventures are shown in flashbacks throughout the issue. While in the present Duke deals with the loss of his wife and his family leaving him to be alone.

Starlight #1

Starlight #1

Mark Millar writes a fantastic first issue. From the scenes of space adventure, to the moments of Duke’s more mundane life, Starlight #1 is a captivating and endearing story. Artist Goran Parlov, colorist Ive Svorcina, and letterer Marko Sunjic create a wonderful comic. The artwork from this group is amazing. Starlight #1 is a must read comic book.


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