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The Punisher Takes On A Proper Fight

“Because everyone isn’t afraid of the Avengers.”

In The Punisher #1-3, Frank Castle travels to L.A. on the trail of a drug cartel. Patience, intel, and gunfire leads him to the Dos Sols gang. With the help of a military contact named Tuggs, the Punisher learns that in addition to a drug operation, the Dos Sols gang is developing a mysterious new weapon.

Leading with his fists, the Punisher works his way through the underlings on the street. The local authorities have been unable to stop the rising threat. And the Dos Sols might not catch the attention of the “big gun” heroes. So Frank figures that he’s the only one who can stop the weapon from being activated and he’s determined to find out what the Dos  Sols are planning. Now heavy artillery and determination has driven the Punisher into a collision with some super powered hired muscle that the Dos Sols brought in.

The Punisher #1 The Punisher #1

The new Punisher comic book series has plenty of action. Frank Castle packs the guns and lives up to his reputation of being a one man army. Btu between shoot outs Frank is able to have a little down time and chat with some of the locals. This is a different side of Frank that we don’t normally see. The in between moments are a nice contrast to when the Punisher is in action. And its good to see more of Frank as a person. It was a cool surprise to see a super powered villain show up. The Punisher doesn’t tangle with the supers all that often and this gives the Punisher something a little different to work with. And we’re still being teased by waiting to see what the big plan is for the Dos Sols.

The Punisher

Nathan Edmondson is writing a Punisher comic that is in fine form. With artist Mitch Gerads and VC’s Cory Petit as letterer, I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next in The Punisher.

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