Mark Millar’s Starlight Heading To The Silver Screen


Starlight, Starbright

According to THR, Gary Whitta, one of the writers for an upcoming Star Wars solo movie, has been hired to adapt Mark Millar‘s comic book Starlight for Twentieth Century Fox.

The six-part miniseries written by Millar with art by Goran Parlov, is the tale of a Flash Gordon type of adventurer named Duke McQueen who traveled to an alien world and helped save it from destruction. His mission completed, he traveled back home and lived out his life with the wife that he loved.

Now, thirty years later, his two sons are grown and have no time for him. His wife has passed away. And he is left to live his retirement alone. One the anniversary of his wife’s passing a boy from the world that he once saved shows up with a spaceship on Duke’s front yard. Duke is once again needed to be the hero to save a far off world.

I have been enjoying the Starlight comic book and think that it is excellent source material to base a movie on. I’m looking forward to it.

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