Doctor Strange #9



Part 4 of the Last Days of Magic storyline.

The Imperator leads an interdimensional super-science army, called the Empirikul, on a vengeance filled crusade to “purify” magic across the dimensions.

Earth has been all but drained of magic. Dr. Strange and a handful of now former magic users are out trying to find the remaining scraps of magical items that remain so that they can have some small chance of defeating the Empirikul.

After one last run to gather a magical artifact, Dr. Strange and his group of mages gather in Tibet to arm themselves for the big fight against the Imperator. Meanwhile, the Imperator and his inquisitors have taken down Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum and purged it of all magic, except for what is lurking in the cellar.

There is a price to pay for using magic. A price that Dr. Strange has been able to put off paying. It has taken form in his Sanctorum. Locked away in his cellar, growing. And now the price is coming due.

The Imperator has opened the cellar and unknowingly freed the embodiment of magic, depravity, and pain. As he fights to purify this abomination the mages arrive, armed with the remaining magic items in the world.

The final fight for magic is about to begin.

The new Doctor Strange series from writer Jason Aaron and artist Chris Bachalo has been excellent. The current Last Days of Magic story has Dr. Strange fighting against desperate odds without having his magic to aid him. He’s lost his home and his powers. Yet he keeps clawing his way forward in this fight.

Doctor Strange #9 is a definite buy.

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