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Han Solo has backed away from the Rebel Alliance, attempting go back to the smuggler life that he knows. The problem is he keeps walking away from every job that comes his way. Until the princess sends an envoy to enlist his help again. Or at least they want his ship. This leads to a heated discussion with Leia. How could she want to use his ship without him piloting it!?

The rebels had a network of informants placed throughout the imperial system and now they are being killed off. The rebels want to extract their 3 remaining informants, and do it without attracting any imperial attention or tipping off a suspected mole within the rebel alliance. That’s where the Falcon comes in.

The idea is to enter The Dragon Void Run. A dangerous and expensive race between planets. Under the guise of the race the rebel informants will rendezvous with the Falcon on each planet that it stops at during the race. But no one but Han is flying the Falcon. And as long as the alliance has paid the entry fee for the race, he’s in. Han meets the other pilots. Upper crust snobs. After some snark the race is on.

The first leg of the race has the ships coming out of hyperspace right into a mine field. The first obstacle. With some quick thinking and fancy flying the Falcon coasts to the finish line and the first part of the race is complete.

Planetside Chewy meets the first informant. of course it doesn’t go easily as one of the other pilots in the race shows up with gun blasting. Chewie is on the run with his passenger in tow. Meanwhile, two Imperial shuttles show up and Han and the other pilots are being arrested.

Could the race and the mission be over when it was just getting started?

I’m enjoying the Han Solo mini-series. This is classis Han and Chewie in action again. After a good setup we have some space flying action. Then, just when it looks like the guys can catch their breath the tension picks up again. So far this is a well written series. It’s great to be with Han and Chewie again. The art is also fantastic. The characters and ships are incredibly rendered. I’m looking forward to the rest of the series. Han Solo is a definite buy.

4 Kirbys

4 Kirbys


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