Why Mylar Dreams?

The name Mylar Dreams comes from a couple of sources. The first is my favorite book, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick. Its the book that the movie Blade Runner is based on, which is also one of  my favorite movies. The other part of the idea comes from comic book collecting. Mylar is a type of plastic that bags for storing and protecting comic books are made from. When I let my mind wander around these two ideas I came up with the title Do Comic Collectors Dream of Mylar Sheep? And then that was  shortened down to Mylar Dreams.

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The Kirbys

The ratings that I use are called Kirbys, a basic five-star system named after legendary comic book creator Jack Kirby. The more the Kirbys that crackle with power, the better the comic book is.

1 Kirby – Its not even worth it.

2 Kirbys – Maybe. MAYBE, if you find it in a 50 cent bin.

3 Kirbys – A solid comic. Worth giving it a look.

4 Kirbys – A definite buy.

5 Kirbys – One of the best comics that I’ve read this year.

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