In the wake of the battle against the Empirikul, magic has been nearly destroyed. Dr. Strange is scavenging what remaining mystical artifacts he can get his hands on so that he can fight for survival against his enemies that are coming after him when he is at his weakest.

In his latest encounter, Stephen is being taken on harrowing cab ride by The Orb. When the Watcher was killed during ORIGINAL SIN, his eyes were removed and one of them came into the possession of Orb. Now the Orb is on a mission to not just watch people, but to also help them reach their full potential, in a twisted sort of way. And he’s taking Dr. Strange along for the ride.

The issue beings with Strange and the Orb pulling up and interrupting a group of men about to take revenge on someone who stole everything that they had. The men run off, but the Orb explains that this guy, Reggie, has it coming to him. So the Orb runs over Reggie and then drives off.

For their next stop, The Orb parks the cab on the side of an apartment complex and walks up to someone’s open window. Orb looks in on a sleeping resident and tells him that his neighbors don’t like him and that he should kill them all. A suggestion that seems to take hold in the man’s dream state.

While the Orb is out Dr. Strange breaks free from the back of the cab. Strange attacks the Orb only to be subdued and tied to the hood of the cab. The Orb drives Strange to some back alley where there is a pile of dead animals, and Mister Misery, The Thing in the Cellar that Dr. Strange kept in the basement of the Sanctum Sanctorum and deposited all the pain and suffering that using magic caused into. It was freed during the Empirikul’s assault and now it wants revenge.

Just as Dr. Strange is gearing up to fight Mister Misery, Baron Mordo arrives and attacks Misery. If anyone is going to murder Dr. Strange it will be Mordo. And just as Mordo steps in, the Orb blasts Mordo. Now Mister Misery, Baron Mordo, and the Orb are jockeying to be the one to kill Dr. Strange. And before the throw down can start one of Dr. Strange’s most powerful enemy shows up to kill Strange himself.

The “world” of the current Doctor Strange run is weird and unique. Strange finds himself having to take a hands on approach that makes the book a mix of fantasy/adventure, suburban horror, and maybe even a little Harry Potter. Doctor Strange continues to be one of my favorite comic books. The creative team has been wonderful. I look forward to it every month. It’s one of the first comics that I read off the pile.

Doctor Strange # 15 is a must buy comic.

REVIEW : Han Solo # 1 & 2




Han Solo has backed away from the Rebel Alliance, attempting go back to the smuggler life that he knows. The problem is he keeps walking away from every job that comes his way. Until the princess sends an envoy to enlist his help again. Or at least they want his ship. This leads to a heated discussion with Leia. How could she want to use his ship without him piloting it!?

The rebels had a network of informants placed throughout the imperial system and now they are being killed off. The rebels want to extract their 3 remaining informants, and do it without attracting any imperial attention or tipping off a suspected mole within the rebel alliance. That’s where the Falcon comes in.

The idea is to enter The Dragon Void Run. A dangerous and expensive race between planets. Under the guise of the race the rebel informants will rendezvous with the Falcon on each planet that it stops at during the race. But no one but Han is flying the Falcon. And as long as the alliance has paid the entry fee for the race, he’s in. Han meets the other pilots. Upper crust snobs. After some snark the race is on.

The first leg of the race has the ships coming out of hyperspace right into a mine field. The first obstacle. With some quick thinking and fancy flying the Falcon coasts to the finish line and the first part of the race is complete.

Planetside Chewy meets the first informant. of course it doesn’t go easily as one of the other pilots in the race shows up with gun blasting. Chewie is on the run with his passenger in tow. Meanwhile, two Imperial shuttles show up and Han and the other pilots are being arrested.

Could the race and the mission be over when it was just getting started?

I’m enjoying the Han Solo mini-series. This is classis Han and Chewie in action again. After a good setup we have some space flying action. Then, just when it looks like the guys can catch their breath the tension picks up again. So far this is a well written series. It’s great to be with Han and Chewie again. The art is also fantastic. The characters and ships are incredibly rendered. I’m looking forward to the rest of the series. Han Solo is a definite buy.

4 Kirbys

4 Kirbys



Doctor Strange #9



Part 4 of the Last Days of Magic storyline.

The Imperator leads an interdimensional super-science army, called the Empirikul, on a vengeance filled crusade to “purify” magic across the dimensions.

Earth has been all but drained of magic. Dr. Strange and a handful of now former magic users are out trying to find the remaining scraps of magical items that remain so that they can have some small chance of defeating the Empirikul.

After one last run to gather a magical artifact, Dr. Strange and his group of mages gather in Tibet to arm themselves for the big fight against the Imperator. Meanwhile, the Imperator and his inquisitors have taken down Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum and purged it of all magic, except for what is lurking in the cellar.

There is a price to pay for using magic. A price that Dr. Strange has been able to put off paying. It has taken form in his Sanctorum. Locked away in his cellar, growing. And now the price is coming due.

The Imperator has opened the cellar and unknowingly freed the embodiment of magic, depravity, and pain. As he fights to purify this abomination the mages arrive, armed with the remaining magic items in the world.

The final fight for magic is about to begin.

The new Doctor Strange series from writer Jason Aaron and artist Chris Bachalo has been excellent. The current Last Days of Magic story has Dr. Strange fighting against desperate odds without having his magic to aid him. He’s lost his home and his powers. Yet he keeps clawing his way forward in this fight.

Doctor Strange #9 is a definite buy.

4 Kirbys

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