Google Launches 8-bit Google Maps For The NES

“We wish you a safe and happy quest.”

To celebrate another April Fool’s Day, Google announced that they are launching an 8-bit version of Google Maps that is made specifically for the Nintendo Entertainment System. They even made a video walk through of the spoof accessory. According to the video, the Google Maps NES cartridge will be able to connect to the internet trough a dial-up connection.  The map design is modeled after the classic NES role-playing game, Dragon Warrior.

While Google Maps may not really be coming to your old Nintendo system, you can view an 8-bit version of the internet map tool. If you go to Google Maps and select “Quest” in the upper right corner, you will turn the map into an 8-bit version of itself. You can even visit different landmarks on the map, including Easter egg locations like the Loch Ness monster, a dragon, Area 51, and many more. You can even find enemies from Dragon Warrior lurking around. READ MORE

The OutRun Project : Arcade Therapy

Arcade Mobility

Garnet Hertz and the University of California, Irvine, have combined on a project called The OutRun Project. For this experiment, an old OutRun arcade cabinet has been combined with a go kart to create a new form of virtual reality experience. The OutRun Project uses a camera attached to the top of the arcade cabinet, to send a signal to a built-in computer, which then interprets it as a video of the road, which is projected through the arcade screen. And it hows your current surroundings with the retro graphics of the original video game.

The goal of the project is to use the technology to deliver game-based therapies for people who have limited mobility, such as quadriplegics.


Man Wears Iron Man Armor To The Office

Can you take casual days at the office too far? Some telecoms employees of a Shanghai company might have wondered that when a coworker showed up to work dressed in a very realistic Iron Man Mk-1 costume. The Iron Man in question is Wang Kang, and according to him, the company heads were positive about his armor appearance. “They said I am a happy and creative man, and they wanted to know me.” Kang said.

Kang continued to say, “Life needs passion, and I hoped my armor could trigger their passion for life.” He plans to continue with the Iron Man Mk 2 next.

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