Rouge Is Out Of The X-Men


Going Rouge

Rouge has been kicked out of the X-Men. Or at least Anna Paquin as Rogue has been cut from next year’s X-Men: Days of Future Past movie.

The actress reprised her role as Rogue from the first X-Men movie trilogy and was reunited with other former castmates , , , , and . However, she was only in one scene. A brief appearance in a sequence where Magneto, Professor X, Iceman, and Rouge are performing a reuse operation. And director Bryan Singer has revealed the scene was cut during editing which means that Rouge will not make an appearance after all.

Singer told Entertainment Weekly that, “Through the editing process, the sequence became extraneous. It’s a really good sequence and it will probably end up on the DVD so people can see it. But like many things in the editing process, it was an embarrassment of riches and it was just one of the things that had to go.”

“Unfortunately, it was the one and only sequence Anna Paquin was in, the Rogue character was in. Even though she’s in the materials and part of the process of making the film, she won’t appear in it.”


Its a shame that Paquin/Rouge had to be cut from the movie. Bringing back cast members from the previous X-Men movies to appear in Days of Future Past is a great idea and it brings history to the new franchise of X-movies. Its also unfortunate, and a little odd, that Rouge was only written into such a small part of the movie in the first place since she was such a key character in the First three X-Men movies.

X-Men: Days of Future Past will hit theaters on May 23, 2014.

Screenwriter Joins X-Force

Jeff Wadlow has signed on to script X-Force movie.

Jeff Wadlow has signed on to script X-Force movie.

The (X)Force is Strong with Jeff Wadlow

Jeff Wadlow (Kick-Ass 2), will be scripting a X-Force movie for 20th Century Fox. And he may step into the director’s chair for this X-Men spin-off as well. This follows up the earlier reports that the studio has registered the domain X-ForceMovie.com. Longtime X-Men franchise producer Lauren Shuler Donner is producing X-Force.

Rumors have been going around that Fox plans to announce an expanded X-Men movie universe during the studio’s Comic-Con panel on Saturday, July 20th 4:15 – 5:45pm.

Wrap around cover for X-Force #1

Wrap around cover for X-Force #1

Originally, the X-Force comic book series was a continuation of the X-Men spin-off New Mutants comic. Released in 1991 with artist Rob Liefeld at the helm, X-Force #1 was released poly-bagged with variant character cards in different bags, and sold 5 million copies. The X-Force comic book series has been retooled and rebooted into different incarnations over the last several years.

Wadlow wrote and directed Kick-Ass 2, recently wrote two episodes of A&E’s Bates Motel, and is also writing an adaptation of the Valiant comic Bloodshot for Sony.


Quicksilver’s Home In Days of Future Past

Quicksilver's home in Days of Futures Past

Quicksilver’s home in Days of Futures Past

Visit Quicksilver’s Home 

Director Bryan Singer has tweeted a set photo of the Maximoff household from X-Men: Days of Future Past. As comic book fans know that is the last name of Pietro Maximoff, a.k.a the super speedster Quicksilver, who will be played by Evan Peters (American Horror Story).

Evan Peters

Evan Peters

The film will feature a large cast of characters including:  Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Lawrence, Ian McKellan, Patrick Stewart, Shawn Ashmore, Josh Helman, Peter Dinklage, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Omar Sy, Daniel Cudmore, Booboo Stewart, Fan Bingbing, and Halle Berry.  

X-Men: Days of Future Past opens May 23, 2014.

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